Your Body & Your Thoughts

Your Body is a Messenger


Emotional Support

If you ever doubted that your thoughts and emotions have an effect on your body, I imagine that you may be getting the chance to see this now. We are going through a transition phase and change is often hard. It can bring up everything from fear and worry to joy and excitement. This is the time to look at your life and choose what you want to create. We have been getting a chance to be with and see how our family settings work or don’t work. Now it’s time to take these lessons and make the changes you need to have the life you want to live. This can be an emotional rollercoaster, and your body is a messenger.

Your body can also help you move past emotional blocks. If you’re not sure about that concept, try this exercise:

Put yourself in a posture of fear. Think of a scared dog curled in a corner, baring teeth, ready to bite out of fear. Your brain will recognize this posture and release the appropriate chemical bath of neurotransmitters to put you into “fright and flight” (sympathetic). Stay in that mode for long enough to feel how your body responds: eyes darting, heart beating fast, looking for a problem. Your blood will get shunted to your extremities, away from your organs, especially digestion.

 Next stand up, puff your chest out lift your head, smile, look up. How do you feel now? This time your brain responds with a different bath of neurotransmitters. Now you can begin to feel joy, love, wonder. you might even start looking for a solution. This is “rest and digest” (parasympathetic). In this mode you can take a different look at your current issues.

 Spend some time each day in a place and posture that brings you joy. If you can’t get to joy now, take the time to feel what is stopping you. Can you let go of the stress, worry, etc. for a moment and tap into something good? Maybe you take a walk in nature; create a space in your home that gives you solace; escape to your car alone; scream if you need, but find what is underneath. Find and work on removing the roadblocks so that you can create what you want. Life is always moving forward, creating, changing. We always have the choice to as to how we react, perceive and address what we are given. 

If you would like to learn more about how to listen to your body and learn to explore these and other ways to integrate your emotional and physical body, I would love to work with you in person in my Auburn California wellness center. I am a trained chiropractor and I also incorporate emotional, nutritional and cranial sacral wellness practices into many of my office visits.

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