an integrated approach


Chiropractic care is what lead me to a wealth of understanding about our amazing bodies. It is a hands on treatment to correct spinal, extremity and muscular dysfunction. Adjustments affect the nervous system in a positive way and can help reset chronic problems. I use a drop table, diversified adjusting, many gentle hands on techniques, Activator and Cranial Sacral Therapy to align the spine and address the associated muscles. This can improve joint function and mobility, loosen muscles which will improve posture. It will decrease the pain from degenerative joints (arthritis) by restoring function and reducing inflammation. This can slow down the degenerative process.

You can expect increase physical performance, whether that is activities of daily living or high level sports. Chiropractic strives to improve nervous system communication in the body. So it can also help with sleep, anxiety and even digestive issues. 




Cranial Sacral

A gentle, hands on treatment to release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system.

Nutritional Counseling

Your diet and lifestyle determines your  health. We will focus on what you need to promote self healing. This includes proper food choices, exericse, stress management and natural methods, such as supplements and herbs. 


Chiropractic adjustments are an effective safe way to alleviate musculoskeletal issues, reduce inflammation and decrease recovery time.